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Care (verb):

To look after and provide for the needs of,

To feel concern or interest: attach importance to something.

Caring for Animals

At Holistic Soulscape we believe that animals have a soul, an essential essence that is unique to them, they are more than just a physical being. 

We know, like with us humans, there are times when animals need soul care.  We provide in-person and distance animal soul care in support of their healing for restored balance and overall well-being.

Animals are holistic inter-connected beings and as such healing on one level supports healing on all levels.  

Our animal soul care can support in times of:

  • Anxiety & uncertainty

  • Transition to a new home or changed family dynamics

  • Recovery from illness & injury

  • Trauma recovery & healing


We look forward to supporting you and your animal companion(s).  

Eliza-Beth & Jenny



Animal Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive modality that can be done with hands on or at a distance.  We work with all species of animal or pet. With Distance healing we can potentially support the acceleration of an animal’s healing process no matter where you and your animal are in the world as we are all interconnected beings of energy. This means that the animal gets to remain in the comfort of their own home. Alternatively, depending on location, I can come to you and your animal for an in-person session.

Benefits for animals may include:

  • Alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness

  • Producing a state of calm and relaxation (promoting healing)

  • Increasing energy levels and overall well-being

  • Supporting medical treatments

  • Assisting healing after surgery, injury or trauma

  • Relieving aches, pains, strains and allergies

  • Help pets through depression or bereavement

  • Training and behavioural challenges


Reiki can work alongside any medication or veterinary care your pet is undergoing as Reiki can never cause harm.

Book a Reiki session with Jenny for valued animal companion in support of their care. 

Jenny is a Tanran Reiki Master and trainer.  Her work is supported by her training in Crystal Medicine and Flower Essences. ​

Book a Reiki healing with Jenny

In person or distance

60 mins $100 per session

Equine Reiki - in person

$100 per session + travel

"The Reiki sessions have helped with overall confidence, wellness and calmness. The feedback from the sessions provides us with great insight into each of their emotions and thoughts and many times, seem to reinforce the benefits of Reiki and the assistance it provides to the animals. Jenny is very in-tuned with the needs of the animals at each session and has a great connection with all of them.  I highly recommend getting in touch with Jenny and having Reiki sessions offered to your animals!" 

Distance Animal Reiki

Mavis, Seymour, Victoria

"Cadiz has had quite a tumultuous life before he came to me, and while I felt we were progressing, we kept hitting snags where I felt we just weren't connecting. I received extensive feedback from Jenny about what came up during the session, all of which fit perfectly with my understanding of Cadiz, along with so many new insights.  She also had plenty of things I could implement myself going forward.  I can honestly say the turnaround has blown me away.  He feels so much more willing to connect, and no longer "puts up a wall" when he gets stressed.  He is more symmetrical through his body, and has even become quite playful where before he was quite reserved. 

I am so very grateful for what she has done for myself and Cadiz"

Equine Reiki

Keira, Synergy & Freedom, NSW 


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