Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy at Holistic Soulscape is a therapy which offers a supportive relationship and therapeutic container of respect, love, non-judgement and open hearted presence for working with the challenges that life offers us on our journey to self-actualisation/wholeness. 

This therapy is offered one-on-one with Eliza-Beth both either in person at Beechworth or online via zoom

This therapeutic offering is also considered an important means of accessing healing.  Often the call to heal can come through chronic pain, relationship breakup, loss of identity and resulting 'dark night of the soul', depression, anxiety, apathy, loss of an important and defining role (in the many roles we have through work, family community roles) and the deep knowing that something (very important) is missing in our lives.

For many of us there is a time where we just need to sit down with a loving guide, 'take stock' and make sense. Often this is first step(s) we need to take for greater awareness, our evolution of consciousness and embodied authentic, tailored wellbeing practices. 

A little about my approach...

Holistic - I honour the whole of a person; mind, body, emotions, soul, spirit and our interconnected relationship with the world both human and natural world.

Client-Centred - I am not an 'authority' on your inner experience - I support you to access your own inner knowing/wisdom.


Process-Oriented - I believe and been trained in the power of dreams, relationship challenges, our somatic (body) experiences and the world more broadly as 'doors' into our unconscious where we can retrieve the gold needed for greater awareness and integration. 

Integrative - I will draw on a range of approaches including those aligned with shamanism, nature therapy (eco-psychology), positive psychology/wellbeing (incorporating a strengths based orientation) and knowledge obtained through my leadership training & experience in support of my clients needs. 

Intentional - I bring the intention and belief that everyone has the capacity to heal with a soul that contains unique strengths & gifts and that often it is our soul's yearning that brings us to our knees and to therapy.  

Tailored - My approach is tailored to the beautifully unique person I am working with.  The aim is to support their authenticity and so I work to accommodate each persons 'quirky' nature and aim to be flexible with an approach that works best for them - this is especially the case when working with children. 

I believe in and work to offer the healing power of 'being with' another person with an open heart, to; deeply listen, hold space, offer a healing presence and see the other through soul eyes - not pathology and disease. 

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Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I am accredited with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA - Reg - Provisional 25215).  I am a member of the College of Counselling.

I completed my Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy training with the Metavision Institute in 2018.  

I also draw on my Shamanic Training and Leadership experience and training, I hold a Graduate Diploma in Business Leadership.

I am also undertaking training in Transpersonal Coaching Psychology.

Visit our 'about us' page to learn  more about me.

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A final note:

Therapy is challenging - there will be growing pains!  While I believe therapy can be very healing - I am not the healer.  Rather  more of a supportive guide familiar with the terrain to help you on your journey to do your own therapeutic work and healing.

I am not trained to provide mental health diagnostic services or advice regarding medication.  For these services please see your G.P. and a Psychologist to support you.  I have a number of clients who have both a psychologist maybe psychiatrist and myself as part of their support team.

Unfortunately, I can not accept mental health plans as a means of subsidising the cost of my sessions.

I have worked with people with 'disabilities' especially children.  I welcome children into my practice. Those with a self managed NDIS plan will be able to claim for my services.  

Finally, I welcome a phone call 0357282642 to discuss your needs and for you to get a sense of me.  I strongly believe in the power of strong rapport and a trusting relationship as an essential predicator for the best therapeutic outcomes.

"Eliza-Beth's warmth and supportive guidance is healing for the soul.  Blessed to have her support in managing some challenging times.  Thank you"
Niece - Victoria