through Nature Connection Experiences 

Connect (verb):  

To bring together,

To establish in relationship,

To join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind,

To associate or relate (something) in some respect,

To establish communication between; put in communication.

Nature Connection

At Holistic Soulscape, we believe that everything in nature has a soul.  Further, that one of the most effective ways of connecting with our own soul, is through the experience of being in the natural world.

While we love to do many activities in nature, the focus of our nature connection experiences is on the 'being'.  We take the time to be with the beauty and soul-power of the natural world

These experiences are an opportunity to: slow down, contemplate and breathe so that the voice of our souls can be heard and that we can explore new experiences and environments with wonder.   

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We look forward to being in the outdoors with you soon. 

Eliza-Beth & Jenny

"The human soul is inseparable from nature" 

Bill Plotkin, Nature & the Human Soul (p. 326). 

Lake Labyrinth Experience

The Lake Labyrinth Experience includes a guided meditation, labyrinth walk and mindful experience of this ancient symbol.

The Labyrinth is an ancient tool used in ritual, ceremony and symbolic walking meditation.  In today's busy world, Labyrinth walking supports our well-being by providing 'time out' from our busy lives.


Connect with an inner experience of: peace, centredness and a reflective way of being.  

Join us for this 1 hour unique Beechworth experience at The Lake Labyrinth  near Lake Sambell. 

Nature Connection & Discovery Walks

In 2020 we will be offering a range of nature connection and discovery walks.

The walks will provide an opportunity to connect with the natural environment and focus on 'being' in the outdoors.   

In support of your well-being, these walks will provide an opportunity to:

  • Slow down

  • Contemplate

  • Connect more deeply with the natural environment.

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"Silence gives answers"...Rumi


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