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A prayer for soul flowers in the garden

Love, peace & unity in challenging times...

The image below is of seventeen different flowers from our garden. Each was picked from a very different plant. Some plants are native to the area, others welcome from other regions and some are classified as ‘weeds’. The plants these flowers represent are of different sizes, each preferring slightly different places in the garden to thrive. But amongst their differences, they all need water, earth, air and nutrients. They were picked and sacrificed for a prayer ceremony honouring love, peace and unity and they offer us a powerful metaphor for these times…

Humans are not different to the diversity represented by the seventeen flowers of the seventeen plants in my garden. We too need water, earth, air and nutrients – no matter where we choose to live. We also need to feel love, peace and unity. We need our diversity to be honoured as precious, just like each of the flowers picked today. No flower is better than the other, each one uniquely perfect in its own way – just like us humans in flower. It is our uniqueness, our quirky diversity that makes us beautifully perfect.

Image: Holistic Soulscape

It is when we can stand tall and bring out of ourselves for all to see; our authentic nature and the blooming soul flower we are, then we can fully offer our gifts to the world. Our work is to encourage; difference, uniqueness, diversity, to invite and welcome other ‘soul flowers’ into our gardens so that we can all grow together with unity, love and peace.

This is one of our greatest challenges and it starts with us, individually accepting the type of flower we are – even if we wish we were from a rose bush or grevillea plant but instead find ourselves to be a dandelion.

So I pray with all the division that is occurring around the world...

That we realise that this is not a time to double down on conformity and bland 'sameness' according to a minority's preferred choice of 'flower'! This is a time to stand tall in our difference, support the difference of others and remember that actually at our core, we all have in common the same needs for survival and growth and that this sameness connects us more strongly than any difference can divide us.

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