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Reiki - Energy Healing

Energy Healing for Humans & Animals

Reiki or Energetic Healing is a healing process that works to bring all parts of the you into balance. It reinforces the body's natural ability to heal at multiple levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), by clearing, realigning and balancing the energy fields.  

During the Reiki session we channel loving Reiki energy supported by a connection with spirit (the divine) for the purpose of holistic well-being and healing.  The energy flows where it is most needed and only works within permission.  Intuitive knowing and guidance is also often received throughout the healing to support ongoing integration after the session. 

Remote Reiki is just as effective as in person. Remote Reiki healing operates through the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which basically stands for oneness and connection, as we are all energy matter and part of one creation. The advantage of remote Reiki is that it can be done from anywhere, and it can be sent when you (or your animal) are unwell, contagious, not mobile, in medical care or even live in a different State or Country.  We have been able to offer Remote Reiki to children as they sleep with the advantage of them being more relaxed in their familiar environment as an alternative to them having to visit us in person for a session.

Reiki is...

Energetic healing & holding for body, mind, emotions & spirit.

Loving energy supported by a connection with earth & spirit.

Powerful in reinforcing the body's natural ability to heal at multiple levels promoting harmony and balance.

A path to supporting Soul work

Reasons for receiving Reiki?

Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety in your life? Are you feeling tired or not getting enough sleep? Does your immune system need a boost? Do you want to support spiritual growth, intuition, connection to soul or emotional release? Or are you looking to enhance your overall quality of life and wellbeing?

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Reiki Master & Trainer

As a Tanran Reiki Master, intuitive energy healer and nature-based soul guide, I support animals & humans in their respective healing journeys to wholeness. I support the individual through the discovery and negotiation of the various terrains that can limit wellbeing while holding space for one to heal by bringing the soulful and sacred into their everyday lives.

“Reiki, nature and horses are my foundation for living my life with purpose.  They support me to listen to my soul’s voice.  It is these relationships that I love to share with people and animals on their path of; deep listening, healing and growth”

Visit our 'about us' page to learn  more about me and my training.

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We practice Tanran Reiki

Reiki exists in every living thing—plant, animal and human. Reiki is a gentle healing system. Rei refers to universal life energy and Ki is the life force. 

Tanran Reiki has its origin, just like all the other Reiki Lineages, with Dr. Mikao Usui and connects with the same energy. Tanran Reiki embraces change readily, and accepts that Reiki energy itself will direct and change the system as needed in the same way that it directs the healing flow of energy during a Reiki session.  

The Tanran Reiki system came through William Bagley, who sees himself not as the founder but the vision holder.

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"The Reiki session have helped with overall confidence, wellness and calmness.  The feedback from the sessions provides us with great insight into each of their [cats] emotions and thoughts and many times, seem to reinforce the benefits of Reiki and the assistance it provides to the animals.  Jenny is very in-tuned with the needs of the animals at each session and has a great connection with all of them.  I highly recommend getting in touch with Jenny and having Reiki sessions offered to your animals."
Mavis, Victoria
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