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We hope you are as inspired as we are by the resources here, they have shaped our offerings at Holistic Soulscape.

Understanding Soul


"The soul has been given it's own years to hear things, the mind does not understand" (Rumi).


Our connection with nature

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

PACFA - the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, define Counselling & Psychotherapy as follows:

Definition of Counselling: "Professional counselling is a safe and confidential* collaboration between qualified counsellors and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding, and resolve identified concerns. Clients are active participants in the counselling process at every stage." 

Counsellors are fully present with their clients, using empathy and deep listening to establish positive working relationships. Counselling is effective when clients feel safe, understood, respected, and accepted without judgement.

Counselling can be broad or focused. Clients may explore: aspects of identity, spirituality, relationships with self and others, past experiences, parenting, grief and loss, trauma, domestic violence, child abuse, use of alcohol and other substances, depression, anxiety, and other experiences.

Changes facilitated by counselling include: change in perspective, new insight, new ways of thinking about situations, new awareness of feelings, enhanced capacity to tolerate and regulate feelings, new actions or behaviours, and new decisions about life.

* Confidentiality is limited when there are risks to the safety of the client or others.

Definition of Psychotherapy: 

Psychotherapy is the comprehensive and intentional engagement between therapist and client for the healing, growth or transformation of emotional, physical, relationship, existential and behavioural issues, or of chronic suffering, through well-founded relational processes. The aim of psychotherapy is to support increased awareness and choice, and facilitate the development, maturation, efficacy and well-being of a client.

Psychotherapy involves what is known and what may not be known in personal functioning, usually referred to as “conscious and unconscious factors”. Through a holistic perspective it encompasses the mental, emotional, behavioural, relational, existential and spiritual health of a human being.

Also covered in the Definition of Psychotherapy includes:

  • What psychotherapists do

  • What issues a psychotherapist deals with

  • What outcomes can be expected

  • What professional training and ongoing development a psychotherapist has 

My approach is shaped by the following:

My holistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy has been shaped by my training with The Metavision Institute and their Metavision Model.  This model incorporates the following tenants:

  • "Mind, body and emotions in constant interaction and mutual influence, both internally with each other, and externally with the environment". The holistic approach of and Metavision Model for healing"

  • "Being aware of the communication between body sensations, feelings and thoughts, gives meaning and purpose to the unfolding life journey"

  • "The more you experience what is going on in the mind, body and emotions with awareness, the closer yo get to the essential patterns of your own nature, you become more congruent and greater flow and meaning become present in your life". 

  • "The role of the healer/facilitator in this model is to participate in, and hold a crucible, for the unfolding process of another, a group or event in a co-creative way. This space is infused with a drop of love. The process changes both facilitator and participant, and can be applied from organisational to individual situations."

My approach is also process - oriented which has been informed by Arnold Mindell's Process Work.  through the Processwork Institute.

The power of horses


The term shaman was adopted by anthropologists to refer to specific groups of healers in diverse cultures who have sometimes also been called: medicine men and women, witch doctors, wizards, magicians or seers.

Shamanism is a broad term which has been described as:

  • One of humankind's most ancient traditions and oldest profession

  • A consciousness discipline

  • Spiritual and healing discipline

  • Soul work

Depending on the shaman and practices adopted, shamanic healing can include any combination of the following; dance, song, ritual, breath-work, mask work, vision quests, sweat lodge, myth, symbolism, soul retrieval, plant medicine, lucid dreaming, drumming, visions and soul journeying. 

Fundamentally though, shamanic healing and ways of being incorporate a deep respect for our interconnection with all that is; nature, the elements, seen and unseen worlds. 


The shaman or shamanic practitioner voluntarily enters an altered state of consciousness to; access other realms, connect with spirit allies offer healing and gain insight in service of others and their communities. 



The above information was informed by Walsh,   

Walsh, Shamanism.jpg

Reiki - Energy Healing

Reiki for animals


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