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Exploring the true essence of self

Weekend Women's Spring Retreat


Soul Women Connect brings women together to explore how to live in a more authentic way. It helps support women in walking their true paths in alignment with their “soul purpose”. The program is designed for each woman to go on their individual journey of discovery, with the safety and support of a like-minded community of women.  The program holds reverence for each woman and acknowledges where they are on their soul path.   


This program provides an opportunity to work with your subconscious energy, understand how past experiences can shape the present and connect to the essence of your core being. Our trained facilitators will guide you through experiential exercises to heal past wounds and to cultivate a more intimate and nurturing relationship with your soul.  

Our intention is to help women to drop from their heads to their hearts

so that they can connect more deeply with their souls.

We are inviting women who feel they are called to:

  • Do something nurturing and soul nourishing for themselves

  • Prioritise exploration of the deeper parts of themselves (soul)

  • Participate in experiential exercises and deep inner work

  • Give and receive heart to heart experiencing with other women

  • Explore what soul means for them and the deeper calling to soul-honoured living

Powerful, intimate, soul-filled weekend with likeminded women.

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September 2022

Last year we delivered an online program - this year it a face to face, intimate retreat!

We included some of the feedback we received from the women who attended the online program below to give you a sense of the work and us. 

What our soul women said about their experience...

"Amazing meditations.  Suitable to the groups dynamics and adaptable to the energy of the group"

Our facilitators

Eliza-Beth Brennan

Eliza-Beth is a qualified Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Shamanic Healer, soul & nature-based guide, with a background in Outdoor & Environmental Education and leadership.  She is passionate about supporting people to connect and discover the inherent soul wisdom they hold and the beauty and power of the natural world as a source of soul guidance, inspiration & healing.

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Louise Fewtrell

Louise is a registered Psychologist Clinical Psychotherapist and Shamanic practitioner.  She specialises in working with Mental Health Disorders, Trauma/PTSD and Addictions.  Weaving her clinical experience and spirituality, she has developed a deeply integrated therapy style.   She works from a holistic framework.

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What a soul women participant said about our facilitator Eliza-Beth...

"I could feel Eliza-Beth's supportive energy and listening whenever I spoke, I always felt accepted and understood."

What our participants found most useful about the program...

Response 1

"The structure of each session and of the weekly invitations - zoom sessions were perfect mix of sharing, learning and big and small group; weekly invitations were thought provoking and relevant to our discussions. loved loved loved the poems and insights offered. you both ran the sessions with a good balance of straightforwardness and compassion."

Response 2

"It never felt too rushed, that we were allowed to take our time with 'sitting with' each topic. Each week it felt like a natural progression."

Response 3

"I enjoyed the discussions and sharing's. I loved the resources, such as the poetry and the variety of guided mediations".