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We warmly welcome you!

We are a holistic therapy & healing service in Beechworth, North East Victoria.  We support you to; connect with, discover, heal and learn about the deepest parts of yourself, to support your journey to greater wholeness and a more soul-filled way of being.  Our approach is; unique, personalised, soul-centred and nature-connected.

Our approach is integrative, person centred and holistic.  It is one which honours the interconnection between Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and the Natural world. 


We offer support for:

Lack of purpose & life meaning

Physical, mental, emotional illness


Times of change; relationships, work, home life

Deep questioning


Anxiety & Stress


When you just know something is missing!


Our therapies and healings offer:


Holistic well-being

Healing for self, healing for the earth

Awakening our authentic selves

Deeper connection with self, others & the natural world

Discovering your soul's calling/purpose

Accessing your innate wisdom

Learning - empowering you to connect more deeply to your soul life.

At Holistic Soulscape we have a deep respect and appreciation for animals and we provide energy healing (Reiki) services for all animals.

*Confidentiality is a very important value and commitment from us to you, it is however, limited when there are risks to the safety of our clients or others. 

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Learn a little more about us...




Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Shamanic Practitioner & Healer

Soul & Nature-Based Guide/Facilitator


Eliza-Beth's Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy approach draws on Arnold Mindell’s Processwork, which incorporates working with the inherent wisdom in unfolding dreams, body symptoms and relationship patterns.  Her work is accredited with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA: Reg. Provisional: 25215).

Her shamanic practice has been shaped by personal experience and professional training with multiple shamans across a ten year period.  She undergone shamanic initiation in Peru and completed her Advanced Diploma in Shamanic Practice following intensive

training in Australia's central desert.  The cosmology guiding her shamanic work is Australian based and supported by her connection with the natural world and her spirit guides.  She is a member of the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society.  She is also trained in Tanran Reiki  a complementary therapy offering energetic healing.  

As a  soul & nature-based guide/facilitator Eliza-Beth draws on her Psychotherapy and Shamanic training, over 15 years of experience leading young people on Outdoor Education programs and experience in a range of leadership roles.   

Eliza-Beth has experience supporting children with disabilities and she is comfortable working with youth of all ages. 


"I am passionate about supporting people to connect and discover the inherent soul wisdom they hold and the beauty and power of the natural world as a source of soul guidance, inspiration and healing.  I look forward to working with you, Eliza-Beth".  

Eliza-Beth Brennan

"Eliza-Beth will put you at ease straight away and create a place for you to explore your thoughts and emotions.  The time you spend with Eliza-Beth will connect you with what is really going on with you and give you guidance in many ways.  Eliza-Beth is very intuitive and you will leave wanting to come back and discover more.  A truly beautiful experience".  

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Private Client

"My shamanic healing was both surprising and enlightening. I would wholeheartedly recommend this process for anybody who wants to learn about their life path or who needs guidance in times of need."  

Shamanic Healing

Chris, Adelaide, South Australia.



Reiki Master & Educator

Soul & Nature-Based Guide/Facilitator,

Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator.


Jenny is a Tanran Reiki Master, Outdoor Educator and Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator (EEL) based in Beechworth Victoria and works across North East Victoria more broadly.

Jenny is an intuitive energy healer and nature-based soul guide with offerings directed at supporting animals & humans in their respective journeys to wholeness. She is committed to the healing process for all beings.

Her work is supported by her training in Equine Tactile Therapies, Crystal Medicine, Flower Essences and the Soulcentric Model of Human Development (developed by Bill Plotkin). 

Jenny has integrated her twenty five years experience in Outdoor Education, group facilitation and community-based work and her passion for horses with her formal equine and Reiki training to provide a powerful equine experiential learning offering. 

Her approach to EEL and Reiki energy work is holistic; honouring the inseparable connection between mind, body, spirit, soul and the natural world. Her compassionate and non-judgemental style nurtures these relationships for her clients in a way that facilitates their own ability to heal.

Jenny assists animals & humans to unlock and connect with their wholeness. She supports the individual through the discovery and negotiation of the various terrains that can limit wellbeing while holding space for one to heal by bringing the soulful and sacred into their everyday lives.

Jenny has a Diploma in Equine Tactile Therapies (ACATT), is an Equine Experiential Facilitator (CEEL), holds a Graduate Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education.  She also has a Level 1 Equine Touch certification through Janis Hobbs Equine Touch Institute. 

"Reiki, nature and horses are my foundation for living my life with purpose.  They support me to listen to my soul's voice.  It is these relationships that I love to share with people and animals on their path of; deep listening, healing and growth, Jenny."


"I have recently experienced an Equine Soulcraft session with beautiful Jenny.  Jenny's loving, caring presence made me feel comfortable, calm and allowed me to trust the process, which opened doorways to release and let go of energies that no longer serve me and for healing within to occur.  Jenny is connected to the land, nature, animals and the horses, which makes her perfect to facilitate this kind of healing." 

Equine Soulcraft

Leanne, Sacred Light healing

"Jenny is extremely professional, at all times respectful, she explains the session very well and has the most friendly, understanding and caring manner about her. I cannot endorse her highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to absolutely anyone who wishes to experience the benefits that a Reiki session can offer firsthand."  

Reiki Healing

Sally Hudson, DJ Park, Victoria

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